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I explore different perspectives of the environment around us. My work invites viewers to see the world from new perspectives.

Hyper Hybrid Art: mixing and blending of different artistic elements to explore new perspectives dimensions.
Im currently exploring Live Audio Visual Performance. This includes VJ and DJing as well as creating interactive audio visual installations and projections for events and live performances.

Current Scope of projects include:
Video Production
Projection Mapping Installations (events & live performances)
Workshops & Commissions

I started my career producing music videos and Photography for a wide range of musicians and artists. Co founder of The Moonrunners I worked as a video director in East Londons Brick Lane. Working with artists such as NERO, Stanton Warriors, Trolley Snatcha, The Others (Dub Police), Clement Marfo and the Front line, Tokyo Myers, Lyracis, Stooshe, Youngman.

Music Video Youtube Playlist:

Xiâo Jí (pronounced “shao gee”) my middle name, spelt in Pin Yin Chinese.

Translation meaning: Xiao – Dawn, Day break: know ~known
Ji – Cross a river: Concerted effort to tide over  difficulty. Be of help; benefit

Certified Artist:

Artist Certificate - Tommy Xiao Ji


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