The High Breed – Who is he

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 12.26.11

Who is he..? I dont know… i didnt find out in the end, but we did go looking in some caves…… this is all we could find….



Free Bridging with Tim Shieff

What is Free Bridging…? Free running ….over a bridge! In these two videos Tim shows you how…

I had a chance to test out the DJI Spark… some stunning clips!

Check more of Tims awsome stuff on his channel:

ACID FluX – Audio Visual Set (Acid House)

Life is a Paradox… The High Breed – Paradoxical World Music Video

Track taken from The High Breed EP

Video by: Tommy Xiao Ji
Produced by: The High Breed
Cuts by: Habitus
Mastered by: Lee Scott

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