Life is a Paradox… The High Breed – Paradoxical World Music Video

Track taken from The High Breed EP

Video by: Tommy Xiao Ji
Produced by: The High Breed
Cuts by: Habitus
Mastered by: Lee Scott

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The year of Spreading Wings….

Spread your wings……..

Some exciting projects coming up this year….

Some footage from some of the stuff I got up to with my DJI Phantom 1

Ready for take off...DJI Phantom Quad-Copter

Here is an extended version set to a remix of Phil Colins – In the Air Tonight…

Boom Town Fair 2013 – Video (A New Angle)

Here is the video myself and Ayesha Shot when we went to Boom town this year. We had a lot of fun and hope to go back next year!! People kept calling the Phantom Quad copter a UFO!

1st Music video with the DJI Phantom – Lyracis – Resurrection

Here is my 1st music video that I have used the DJI Phantom with, we only had about 15 mins of flight time to get the aerial footage with, due to battery limitations, but we got some good shots. Set in an amazing park in SW London, Painshill.

Co shot with the talented Ayesha Jones –