ACID FluX – Audio Visual Set (Acid House)

Blank piece of paper ft Artist Taxi Driver – Download

Here is a clip i put together using a music remix by Thomas Prime, Nasa ISS timelapse footage of earth and a the Artist Taxi Driver talking about the philosophy of a blank piece of paper…..

Open your mind and heart and see if you can resonate with this….

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Xiao Ji – Photography

See Beyond Sight

The best camera is the one you have on you! I always make sure I have a camera on me, which is usually my iPhone 4, but I also carry my Weapon of choice the Canon 7D. This trusty camera has travelled the world with me over the last 3 years! It has helped me capture some beautiful imagery. It has survived various challenges from the heat of  Mediterranean beaches to  snow covered mountains .

I have a passion for creating atmospheric landscapes that invite you into another dimension. Utilising Nature, light and what ever is in front of me, all mixed together on my iPad.

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Richmond Bridge

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Xiao Ji – Video Production

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Full Spectrum Production

Directing // Editing // PreProduction // Concept/Scriptwritting / Treatment creation // Post production // Visual Effects & Tittles // Colour Grading // Digital Delivery

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Music Video// Booty Luv – Black Widow – Music Video

After shooting their track:

This Night:

The girls approached us with an idea Cherise had for the dark electro track Black Widow. They said they had a Yacht in Egpyt to shoot it on, We said yes!

Directed by Cherise (Booty Luv), Tommy Xiao Ji Wu

Produced by Tommy Xiao Ji Wu, Morally Mingle, R.Pierce

DOP Max Brill

Music Video: Artful – Could Just Be The Bassline


Mark “Artful” and his team approached us after coming across some of our work and wanted to see what we could do with the video. So we went with a summer festival vibe…

Directed & Edited by Tommy Xiao Ji Wu

Produced byTommy Xiao Ji Wu & Morally Mingle

Assist – Nadine Williams